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Opsis TV

Art direction, graphic identity

Art direction for a VOD platform specialising in cultural content
The Goal

Rethinking a brand identity to acquire new users

Focused on live performances, short films and documentaries, Opsis TV is a SVOD platform specialised in cultural content.Following the containment, the company saw its number of users increase and Opsis wished to take advantage of this to redesign its offer into 3 distinct catalogues accessible from the same platform (compared to 3 different platforms and 3 different subscriptions before).In order to capitalize on this growth, I was contacted to establish a new logo and brand identity to meet the following objectives: to be more modern and rejuvenate the target audienceto distinguish the 3 catalogues easilyto be easily adaptable to all communication media through the creation of precise guidelines.

Scroll me
Opsis TV
Computer where you can view the homepage design by scrolling
Opsis TVOpsis TV

I called on Bazil to redesign the graphic identity of our VOD platform Bazil has been able to accompany us in the reflection and ideation upstream and his proposals/realisations are always relevant and well argued. It's a pleasure to work and exchange with him.

Yann Chateliler

Founder - Opsis TV

The world is a show!

As shown in the previous screens, I chose to use the meaning of Opsis (the Greek word for gaze) for the logo.each catalogue is identifiable by a distinct colour: red, green and blue, like the 3 primary colours in projection. These three colours allow users to easily navigate the platform in search of the content of their choice, and also serve as a link on Opsis' social networks to give strength to the graphic identity.Today Opsis TV continues to grow and the platform continues to expand its content: it is a source of pride to have been able to work with a company that attaches such importance to the development of the cultural sector.


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