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VHS Entertainment

Art direction, web design, Webflow
Design of a showcase site on Webflow in 5 days

From design to final product in 5 days!

VHS Entertainment is a new video production studio created by two 90's enthusiasts.

First contacted for the creation of a 90's inspired logo, Vivien and Maël wanted to continue our collaboration by entrusting me with the creation of their landing page.the only constraint: that the site be online quickly to start canvassing new clients.armed with Notion, Figma and Webflow, I was able to coordinate their requests, make iterations of web design and develop the final model in 5 days! A great example of the strength of no-code tools.

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VHS Entertainment
Computer where you can view the homepage design by scrolling
VHS EntertainmentVHS Entertainment

Bazil's creativity knows no bounds: despite our constraints and requirements, he always manages to adapt to exceed our expectations!

Vivien Salvagione
Founder - VHS Entertainment


Vidéos : Vivien Salvagione et Maël Gaumont

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