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One More Joke

Art direction, webdesign, photography

Creation of a website and 10 posters for 10 stand-up nights in unusual places
The Goal

Creating a unique artistic direction for 10 events

From the Louvre to the Cirque d'Hiver, via the Eiffel Tower: there's no stopping One More Joke!
Formerly one of the best stand up shows in Paris, in 2019 One More Joke has turned to producing shows in unusual places. 10 evenings, 10 places and therefore 10 different posters for which I was in charge of the artistic direction. I chose to keep a graphic framework that can be found on all the posters in order to facilitate identification, to decline the colours of the logo according to the visual and to echo the place in which each event is held through the use of a central object unique to each poster.

The website was created to highlight each event, it was designed and developed on Webflow by myself in only 20 hours!

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One More Joke
Computer where you can view the homepage design by scrolling
One More JokeOne More Joke

Excellent work, Bazil is as creative as he is reactive. I can't even think about working on my creative projects without him

Certe Mathurin


Immortalize the evenings

The One More Joke team also calls on me as a photographer to immortalize each evening, and thus gives me the chance to evolve in places as unusual (an underground car park, a boat hold) as magnificent (Le Cirque d'Hiver, the Louvre or even Le Grand Rex). You will find below a brief overview of my photos, don't hesitate to visit my Instagram account to see more.


Photographs : Bazil Hamard
Humorists in order of appearance: Fadily Camara, Doully, Thomas VDB, Panayotis Pascot, Noman Hosni, Sylvain Fergot, Marc-Antoine Le Bret, Noman Hosni, Shirley Souagnon, Pierre Thévenoux.

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