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Art direction, Webdesign, Webflow
Design of a high quality e-commerce website for a nature photographer

Introducing the world to the work of a little-known artist

This project has a special dimension for me because Zeb is my father's artist name.
My father spent his life working in a series of restrictive jobs that he didn't like, without ever being able to make a living from his childhood passion: photography. In 2013, he finally bought a nice SLR camera from Nikon and started to take pictures on his own. Very discreet about his work, for years we never had the opportunity to see what became of his photos. Three years ago, he finally decided to show us a series of prints that he had made... and it was a big shock for the whole family, but also for a few gallery owners and art dealers: his photos are magnificent!

After finishing my training in Webflow, I wanted his work to be visible to as many people as possible: this website is a birthday present to my father to show him that I am proud of him and that I believe in his work.

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Bazil has created a simple, sober and efficient website for me to show my photographic work. I have nothing but praise for it. Webflow is very practical for additions and modifications, without taking the trouble. Very attentive, it goes without saying that I recommend Bazil to all those who would need a personal showcase on the web.


A desire to expand

With the website finally online, we both want to use it to approach galleries to see his work exhibited, which would be one of his greatest achievements.


Photographs: Zeb

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